Lots of CHANGS being sold on ebay nowadays...

Ebay Sellers to watch out for....

Lots of CHANGS being sold on ebay nowadays...

Postby traderboardadmin » Fri Jul 30, 2004 7:39 pm

There is a prominent franchisee of CHANG peddling CHANG patches on ebay currently. He states in his auction that some of the patches may be CHANGS but he is not sure...
This seller is being outright DIS-HONEST since he knows where he purchased those patches, he knows they were on a list from CHANG from which he purchased those patches.
He is just making those comments to put out there, that there is a possibility that said patches may not be CHANGS...BEWARE and if you want a list of the CHANGS, most of them anyway, it can be found at:
As time has passed I have been able to distinguish the CHANGS from the originals and denote as such at the above address.
Recently with the help of another Scouter, have been able to make another distinction between a CHANG and the real deal, right at the council office.
He stated to me when he went to the Pony Express Council office and asked if they had one and they did, if he could see it.
Well, I had told him the common things to look for that most of the other CHANGS have in common, 0's where O's should be, 2's being different, to name a few patterns, and on the one at the office, the O in FOS is an O, on the CHANGS, it is a 0 that is in FOS, IE, F0S instead if FOS...
If you have one of the Pony Express 2000 FOS patches, I need a scan to put next to the CHANG scan that I have in the archives....

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