Rediculious Shipping rates and postage gouging sellers....

Rediculious Shipping rates and postage gouging sellers....

Postby tonkawa99 » Mon Dec 15, 2003 9:43 pm

With all the talk recently about all the postage/shipping gouging, ie, profiteering on shipping since the seller wants to make more money off of you since he did not get what he wanted for his items, it reminded me of a personal experience.

I had purchased many patches from this company in the past, many $$$'s worth of patches, repeatedly won auctions this company/person had on ebay, never any issues, never a problem combining shipping.
One day I was surfing flebay, found quite a few auctions going off with no bids, I think they were like $1.50 or so csp's. So I bid minimum on around 25 or so, ended up winning 24 of the auctions.
Upon getting winning bid notifications, I emailed this company/person about combining shipping and was given a response of 'you should not quibble about the shipping charges because you won all the auctions at below book value'. :O

I was amazed to say the least, so I responded with 'well, if you are not combining shipping, then I do not want the auctions shipped together, if I am paying shipping for each auction, then I want each auction shipped seperately', no response of course.
paid the $24 shipping that the unscrupulous company/person requested.

About two weeks later, I received a, yes 'a', package in the mail, with $2.21 shipping on it, with 24 csp's crammed inside, no bag, nothing, just crammed inside a way too small envelope, no insurance either.

Needless to say, this company has not gotten a dime of mine since, and never will. Bad way to do business. And since the subject has been brought back into the light, as my complaints to the masses about this in the past had been muffled by the powerful buddy system that is patch-l, I again am letting everyone know about the unscrupulous business practices of one Chris Jensen/Streamwood.....and I do have the emails and still have the receipt, two years later...should frame it in gold, mighty expensive piece of paper, and a good lesson to know who you are dealing with. Some are in the business to put food on the table, others are in it for the hobby, word to the wise, stay away from those that are in it for the money...
end of my rant...anyone else...??
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Re: Rediculious Shipping rates and postage gouging sellers....

Postby nicetrader » Sat Jul 05, 2008 9:49 pm

councils do the same thing at times looking for western region csp/pa and texas items
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