another fake seller on the loose!!!!

another fake seller on the loose!!!!

Postby mopar73mopar » Thu Jul 01, 2004 1:05 am

here recently there is another seller of fake or replica items on ebay.the first one is "bidmystamp" and the new seller is "xflip97esales" he clearly states his items are replicas; just wanted to warn fellow brothers of the cloth! yis jeff cook aka mopar73mopar
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Postby Ryand_64 » Wed Sep 01, 2004 6:43 pm

While searching for a flap from Ona Yote Kaonoga 500 (a lodge that was originally in my area, before a merger) I found the following auction. It is from the same xflip97esales. He clearly states that it is a fake. Notice the differences in the pictures below.

Item number: 3926390858


It is a replication (Z) and is new, mint condition. It is primarily for people who cannot find the original or maybe can't afford it if they could find one. This is an affordable alternative. The size and colors may not be exact but close. Full refund if not satisfied for any reason. Buyer pays 50 cents shipping. I accept pay pal, money orders and checks.

Unfortunately enough:

Winning bid: US $10.50

History: 5 bids (US $5.00 starting bid)


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